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〜「トンガ大洋州噴火津波救援金」募金完了報告〜24時間ジム 年中無休のフィットネス


DARE FITでは、2022年1月にトンガ王国で発生した火山噴火・津波被害に対する


DARE FIT supports the Japanese Red Cross Society's "Tonga Pacific Eruption and Tsunami Disaster Relief Fund" for the volcanic eruption and tsunami in Tonga.


We are pleased to report that we have made a donation to the Japanese Red Cross Society "Tonga Pacific Eruption Tsunami Relief Fund" as of March 30.


【Organization】Japanese Red Cross Society

"Tonga Oceanic Eruption and Tsunami Relief Fund

【受付期間】 2/1(火)〜3/20(日)

【Period for acceptance】 Feb.1 (Tue) - Mar.20(Sun)

【募金総額】 44,005円

【Donated amount】44,005yen


We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the warm support of our members.

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